Untrammeled! Celebrating 50 Years of American Wilderness

A podcast and radio series that celebrates American wilderness


Steve Sergeant, founder and owner of Effable Communications, was commissioned by the 50th Anniversary National Wilderness Planning Team to produce Untrammeled! Celebrating 50 Years of Wilderness. In turn, Effable Communications engaged Audioluxe, Inc. to collaborate with Effable Communications on the production effort.

Effable Communications

Steve Sergeant, Host/Executive Producer/Chief Engineer

Steve Sergeant brings broad experience to the project in audio engineering, broadcast journalism, and outdoor-recreation leadership. In 2005, at the dawn of the podcast phenomenon, he pioneered one of the earliest podcasts, The WildeBeat: The audio journal about getting into the wilderness. The WildeBeat maintained a top-5 position in the Outdoor Recreation category of the iTunes podcast directory for the duration of its production. As an outing leader for the Sierra Club in northern California, he has taught backpacking and snow camping for over a decade, and has led more than 400 nights-out of wilderness outings.

Jean Higham-Sergeant, Researcher/Copy Editor

Jean was a researcher, editor, and transcriber during the full run of The WildeBeat: The audio journal about getting into the wilderness. She worked as a technical writer and editor at NASA Ames Research Center, served as the newsletter editor for the Sierra Club's Loma Prieta Chapter Backpack Section, and as newsletter editor and grant writer for the Wildlife Center of Silicon Valley. Jean is passionate about being connected with nature, identifying native plants and wildlife, and enjoys back-country skiing and solo backpacking.

Audioluxe, Inc.

Stacy Bond, Senior Producer/Station Relations

For three years, Stacy was producer of Public Radio’s The California Report at KQED in San Francisco, an award-winning, statewide, weekly radio news magazine and daily morning report covering the people, places and issues of California, including environmental, political, economic, and technology news. She was also a producer for Cultural Desk and Talk of the Nation at National Public Radio in Washington, DC. In addition, she has been a consulting interactive producer to the iconic Public Radio science and nature program, Pulse of the Planet.

As the founder and executive director of AudioLuxe, a public media production company that produces independent audio and video and conducts independent journalism, Stacy offers workshops for aspiring journalists and radio storytellers. Her clients and project partners have included KQED in San Francisco, KTEH in San Jose, PBS, NPR, the Exploratorium, Yahoo! and Wired News.

Mia Lobel, Associate Producer

Nick Lamb, Assistant Producer/Audio Engineer

Nick is a recent graduate from the Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts program at San Francisco State University, where he focused on audio engineering.

Ellison Libiran, Engineer/Assistant Producer

Chloe Davidson, Assistant Producer

Olivia Swilley, Assistant Producer

Other Contributors

Danny Clay, Theme Music Composer and Producer

Danny Clay is a composer and general noise-maker from Ohio, drawing upon elements of American primitive, art education, children's theater, genealogy, improvisation, analog and digital errata, and everything in between to make music (and sometimes other odds and ends) for the people around him, whether it be writing for the concert hall, recording tunes in his apartment, or collaborating with other artists.

He is grateful to have worked with a ton of incredible artists and organizations, including Kronos Quartet, the International Contemporary Ensemble, Sarah Cahill, Phyllis Chen, 826 Valencia, AXIS Dance, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Central Ohio Symphony, concert:nova + the Cincinnati Ballet, the Chamber Music Festival of Lexington, and many groups in the Bay Area, including the Mobius Trio, Friction Quartet, the Living Earth Show, Nonsemble 6, New Keys, and others. Hear Danny’s other work at www.dclaymusic.com.