Untrammeled! Celebrating 50 Years of American Wilderness

A podcast and radio series that celebrates American wilderness

For Content Contributors (Producers and Storytellers)

Untrammeled! Welcomes Content Contributions

We're looking for the next great tale from the American wild, and we'd love to hear your ideas. If you're a journalist, a wilderness unit staff member or volunteer, or an adventurer who has a particular love for a specific wilderness (see the list of wilderness areas that will be highlighted), you can contribute content!

Untrammeled! Submission Guidelines

Untrammeled! is a limited-run radio and enhanced-podcast series that utilizes engaging narrative, evocative natural audio, and compelling writing and images to profile select protected wilderness areas as part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. The series is being narrated by a rotating cast of high-profile, well-known nature lovers, and hosted by outdoorsman Steve Sergeant.

Through a combination of documentary-style storytelling, pristine recordings of the evocative sounds of nature, and companion imagery, Untrammeled! will illuminate adventures to be had by visiting the most stunning wilderness preserves across the U.S.A. Untrammeled! will capture compelling anecdotes, on-the-spot wilderness experiences as they unfold, and moving oral histories from wilderness visitors, stewards, employees, and local residents, as well as insights and reports from experts in the fields of conservation, botany, biology, and anthropology. It is through these dynamic voices that Untrammeled! will unlock the fascinating histories and stories of the landscapes themselves, reminding listeners of the myriad ways that nature can thrill and surprise us, inspire us, and teach us about ourselves. Listeners should be inspired to visit these places, or at the very least, recognize the importance of preserving these areas for generations to come. We want to prove the value of these wilderness areas and inform listeners what's at risk if we take them for granted.

Get Involved

Pitch Us

If you're an experienced reporter or radio professional wanting to cover a story in one of the listed wilderness areas, send us an email that includes a brief synopsis of the story and how you intend to approach it, including who you'll talk to for the piece, what kinds of natural and environmental sounds you'll use to help tell the story, why it's important that the story be told as part of this series, and whether you'll need a field or nature recordist to work with you. Please include a list of equipment you have available.

Tip Us

Do you know of a great story that you've always thought “someone” should tell, but you don't want to be that person? We are that someone! Send us an email describing the story and which wilderness area it relates to, and if you can, tell us who you think we should reach out to about it. We'll take it from there.

Send Us Your Recordings

If you're not a radio pro, but you do have a great story of your own to tell, send us an email with a brief summary (no more than 250 words) of your experience at one of the listed wilderness areas. The story must be true, compelling, and must reveal something about the location in which it's set. Tell us what the listeners will take away from your story and why the experience was special for you. If we decide to commission your story, we'll work with you to shape it and make it a part of the show.

Code of Conduct

Contributors will at all times conduct their wildlife sound-recording activities so that they: do nothing to the detriment of wildlife or its environment, obey current legislation on such matters, respect the lawful rights of others, and observe the applicable regulations. Contributors may not use any field playback to attract animals. When traveling in wilderness areas, contributors will adhere to Leave No Trace principles to the best of their abilities. See Leave No Trace.

Ownership of Materials

Considering that the full cost and expense of research and gathering of source materials might not be completely funded by our rates, we free our contributors to recoup those costs and expenses by producing and distributing unique derivative works containing the source materials they gathered. Contributors retain ownership of their work, but they exclusively license the content we use for a limited period of time, and non-exclusively license all of their materials they submit to us in perpetuity.

Untrammeled! shows are published under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/legalcode], which freely permits not-for-profit redistribution of our complete, unmodified shows by anyone. This gives your work its greatest chance of viral publicity.