Media Resources

    - Members of the media, see the National Wilderness Conference media packets available online.

In The News

    - Select wilderness-related news stories from around the country.

Wilderness: The next 50 years? - Mountain West News

The authors explore three interrelated factors that will shape wilderness designations in the future: extreme political polarization, trends in collaboration, and increasing demands for the manipulation of wilderness. Read Full Article

Untrammeled thoughts on wilderness, land, water, and civil rights at 50 - LA Observed

The authors draw parallels between the anniversaries of the Wilderness Act, Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Civil Rights Act. Read Full Article

The religious roots of the Wilderness Act - Religion and Politics

Packed with references, the author provides a well-supported and academic analysis of ties between religion and wilderness. Read Full Article

Why Conservatism Needs Wilderness - Huffington Post

That wilderness experience forged the ethic of responsibility, hard work and faith that not only informs our conservatism, but also underpins our resilience as a people and as a nation. Self-reliance and personal responsibility are central elements of conservative thought. Read Full Article

10 Reasons The Wilderness Act Was One Of The Best Ideas Ever - Huffington Post

#1 reason: "We need the tonic of wildness..." - Henry David Thoreau, author and naturalist. Enough said. Read Full Article

10 wild spots turning 50 - CNN Travel

Vignettes of 10 of the 54 wilderness areas originally designated in 1964 that are celebrating their 50th anniversaries. Read Full Article

Brandborg recalls effort to pass Wilderness Act 50 years ago - Missoulian

A compelling read about one of the last surviving witnesses to the creation of the Wilderness act of 1964. Read Full Article

What the Wilderness Act has taught us - Los Angeles Times

In this op/ed written by author Gary Ferguson, he spells out lessons society has learned from wilderness. Read Full Article

Still Time for a Conservation Legacy - New York Times

A judgement of Congress' conservation performance. Read Full Article


On Camera

    - Awe-inspiring photographs from professionals and amateurs alike.

"Wilderness Forever" Photography Contest Winner Images

This photo contest ran May-September 2013. Professional, amateur, and student winning photographs will be part of the "Wilderness Forever" exhibition opening in September 2014 in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. (Photo credit: Rodney Lough Jr.) Visit the photo contest gallery

Wilderness50 Flickr Page

This collaborative effort features visual documentation of events celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. People are encouraged to contribute their photos. Visit the Wilderness50 Flickr Site

America's Wilderness Areas

This Flickr group features breath-taking photography highlighting federally designated Wilderness areas. Please feel free to share your photographs documenting your Wilderness experience. This isn't just a place to share great scenery though. Share imagery that captures challenging recreational opportunities, moments of solitude, areas of cultural or historical significance, wildlife, and threats to our wilderness lands. Visit America's Wilderness Areas's Image Gallery

This breathtaking collection of photographs highlight the stunning beauty of America's wilderness areas, as well as contains image galleries featuring problems facing our wilderness areas, such as trash, vehicle damage, tree damage, outright vandalism, and trail degredation. These galleries help to emphasize the importance of the Wilderness Act and threats to our wild areas. Visit's Gallery



    - Experience wilderness related podcasts and videos.

Untrammeled Podcast Series - Steve Sergeant

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the Untrammeled podcast series will highlight a different wilderness area in each episode, using advanced storytelling techniques to emphasize the benefits wilderness provides this nation's citizens, as well as potential threats our wild areas face. Steve Sergeant and Effable Communications, in partnership with Wilderness50, will produce the series for broadcast beginning in the fall of 2014. Learn about the series

Untrammeled - Forest Service, Region 1

Untrammeled is an inspiring film about passing the torch for wilderness to the next generation. Filmed in Montana's Scapegoat and Bob Marshall Wilderness areas, it features Montana high school and college-age youth as they experience wilderness, some for the very first time. Produced for the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, it will be featured at wilderness celebrations occurring throughout the nation. Watch Video

Grass Routes: Changing the Conversation Trailer - Wildman Pictures

Watch the trailer to Wildman Pictures new film "Grass Routes: Changing the Conversation." In an era where political polarization and divisive partisanship is responsible for stunting the growth of our nation, this film explores the grassroots politcs and organizing behind the campaign to protect the Scotchman Peaks. Watch Video

The Spirit of Brown's Canyon - Grit and Thistle Film Company

This video takes you on a remarkable journey through the gem known as Brown's Canyon Wilderness Study Area. Watch Video

Wilderness in the 21st Century - Idaho Public Televison

This episode of "Outdoor Idaho" explores many challenges we face as battle lines are drawn over designation of new wilderness areas, as well as how our views on wilderness and wilderness legislation has evolved over the past 50 years, partially due to changing technologies. Watch video

Walk for Wilderness - 40th Anniversary

Here is a video highlighting a Walk for Wilderness event held to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act way back in 2004. Similar events will be held in honor of the 50th Anniversary. Watch Video

National Parks Service - YouTube Channel

Check out the National Parks Service's YouTube Channel. There are some amazing videos including the America's Wilderness series highlighting the natural beauty of some of the landscapes preserved by the Wilderness Act of 1964 and the ideals this legislation imparts to Americans.Explore

Boys In the Wild - Ryan Jordan

A short video produced by Ryan Jordan, founder and publisher of Backpacking Light (, addressing issues regarding the waning relationship between teens and wilderness. Watch video