Get Your Hands on a 50th Anniversary Wilderness Sticker


Sporting a 50th anniversary sticker is a great way to get the word out about the anniversary. Stickers can be ordered individually from the 50th anniversary CafePress website for $2.99 ($0.50 of the purchase price goes to support 50th anniversary educational events and programs.

For organizations interested in printing their own stickers in bulk, here is pricing information from Custom Sticker Makers for a 1.93" x 3" sticker of the 50th anniversary logo that was produced by the BLM in Nevada.

25 qty - $25.00
100 qty - $28.95
250 qty - $57.90
500 qty - $86.85
1000 qty - $144.75
2500 qty - $289.50
plus shipping/handling
Custom Sticker Makers, 1-800-313-5463. For more information about the sticker artwork, contact:
S. Gus Malon
Wilderness Planner
Ely District BLM