Introducing the Happy Birthday, Wilderness! Puppet Show

Puppet Characters
Boulder, the Mountain Goat
Felicity Fox
Betty Badger
Little Wolf

Idaho Puppet Theater! has a new travelling children's show called Happy Birthday, Wilderness! featuring wildlife characters native to different parts of the United States who have received invitations to a birthday party for wilderness. As they meet others along the way, they realize how different wilderness areas can be from each other. It takes a lot of comedy and a little bit of wisdom for the characters to find the right party. This is an interactive performance, with the audience helping the characters figure out what- and where- their local wilderness actually is. Each show features puppets created especially for IPT!, up to 10 puppet performers, and a portable curtained stage with an optional stage canopy.

The Idaho Puppet Theatre! has troupes in both north and south Idaho to travel within and beyond Idaho. Owners and puppeteers Kristin Fletcher and Bonnie Jakubos use their wildlife biology, environmental education, and cultural and natural history backgrounds to create humorous, interactive, and educational puppet shows for children of all ages. The stories also model universal values such as friendship, acceptance, and courage.

Puppets have been around for thousands of years throughout many cultures. They communicate on a different level than other forms of education and entertainment. They evoke a positive response from the child within us all. They can "say" things that actors and real animals cannot, but they are also "real" in their own way.

In 2001, IPT! was invited to offer a session on using puppetry in education at the National Association for Interpretation's national conference in Des Moines, Iowa. IPT! has also presented puppet workshops for the Idaho Environmental Education Association, Salmon Valley Stewardship, and various school districts.

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Other puppet shows available include: The Little Wolf Who Couldn't Howl
Little Wolf is lost and scared in the Big Forest and depends on the kindness of others to find her way home.

The Fox Who Wanted Some Friends
A magical journey teaches Felicity Fox to value her own unique characteristics.

Lookin' for a Home
Greta Grizzly Bear is confused about what she really needs to survive and thrive. The audience helps her remember her lessons from Grizzly School.

So, What's Important?
Betty Badger and Mr. Jack Rabbit argue about what makes their sagebrush home so special and find through their travels what's really important.

Boulder, Be Bolder
A young mountain goat afraid of heights finds his courage with a little help from his friends.

Little Wolf's Very Bad Day
Little Wolf is back! Have you ever wondered how she got her reputation? Tim Burr the mostly deaf reporter leaves the audience laughing. This story is for older kids and adults ‐ knowing some fairy tales are the only prerequisites.