Monte Dolack Fine Art Poster Commemorating Wilderness Act's 50th Anniversary Available for Wholesale Order in 2014: Poster Celebrates 50 Years of One of America's Best Ideas

February 2014 Missoula, MT - This fine art poster by Montana-based, internationally-acclaimed artist Monte Dolack, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, will be available for wholesale order between February 3 and March 15, 2014. The poster will be a reprint of Dolack's original piece of artwork. The artist's study shown here is a rough painting of the final piece, which will bear the 50th anniversary logo and titling. Showing this artist's study gives interested buyers an opportunity to see what the poster will look like before deciding to place an order. The theme of the poster is "Celebrating Wilderness," its idea as an American concept embodied in a nationwide preservation system. The 2014 collective wholesale order for posters offers an excellent opportunity for organizations and agencies to purchase a minimum of 25 posters at a discounted price.

Setting aside some of the wildest of our public lands as designated wilderness was one of the greatest ideas America ever had. The 1964 Wilderness Act, which congress took eight years to pass in an overwhelming bi-partisan majority, will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year. Dolack's poster will commemorate this milestone and celebrate our 110 million-acre National Wilderness Preservation System which spans ancient forests, vast arctic reaches, sweeping deserts, soaring mountains, remote coastal islands, and wild canoe country.

These fine art quality posters will be printed on high-quality paper, will bear the official 50th anniversary logo, and be 22in x 30in in size.

"I am honored at being selected to make the poster celebrating the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Wilderness Act in America," said artist Monte Dolack. "Drawing together the diverse values and landscapes of what wilderness means to the American people in one visual image is a creative challenge. It is a task of importance that I have joyously accepted and readily engaged."

Wilderness Watch, a member of Wilderness50, is handling the production and distribution of the posters on behalf of Wilderness50. The 2014 collective, wholesale order option will be offered to all wilderness non-profits, friends groups, and agencies. Taking advantage of the advance wholesale prices by placing a poster order between February 3, 2014 and March 15, 2014 is your best opportunity to get the most commemorative posters for the lowest price. Posters you purchase at the wholesale price are intended for distribution or sale to your members, employees, constituents, or local 50th event attendees. Although we cannot mandate what price you sell posters for, in an attempt to avoid price wars and competition between organizations, we strongly recommend a minimum sale price of $25/poster.

The wholesale purchase price per poster depends on the total number ordered (your order plus everyone else's), so the more posters collectively ordered, the greater your profits will be if you sell them! The following breakdown shows the per poster cost to us based on the collective order total for this initial print run:*

  • 2,000 posters (or fewer): $15 each ($10 profit when sold for $25)
  • 5,000 posters: $11 each ($14 profit)
  • 10,000 posters: $8.50 each ($16.50 profit)
  • 30,000+ posters: $6 each ($19 profit)

*As an example, an organization orders 2000 posters. If two other organizations each order 1500 posters, the collective total order will be for 5000 posters and the three organizations will pay $11 for each poster.

The minimum number of posters that can be purchased by any one organization or agency is 25.

The prices above do not include shipping and handling. Posters are shipped in protective boxes in quantities of no less than 25 shipped to any given address. The per-poster shipping and handling cost is based on the following tiered system* (based on current shipping rates):

  • First 50 posters are $2.00 each
  • Next 50 (#51-100) posters are $1.00 each
  • Next 150 posters (#101-250) posters are $0.75 each
  • Each poster above #250 is $0.30 each

*As an example, an organization orders 300 posters. The shipping comes to $277.50 ($100 for the first 50 posters, plus $50 for the next 50 posters, plus $112.50 for the next 150 posters, plus $15 for the 50 posters above the 250 tier).

A deposit for half of your total order (poster cost, plus shipping and handling) is due at the time of the order. The balance is due at the time the order is shipped (expected date of May 2014). If desired, your order total can be paid in full up front. In addition to your payment, you must include the address or addresses to which your posters will be shipped. Checks should be made to Wilderness Watch and mailed to: P.O. Box 9175, Missoula, MT 59807. Alternatively, credit card orders can be placed over the phone by calling 406.542.2048 x1. Please contact Jeff Smith at Wilderness Watch with any questions: 406.542.2048 x1,