Colorado Wilderness Alliance Gathering and Workshop

Marcia deChadenedes speaks at the Wilderness Alliance Gathering and Workshop

June 2013: On Saturday, June 15th, wilderness enthusiasts met at the Wilderness Alliance Gathering and Workshop in Buena Vista, CO, for a day of planning and networking for the 50th anniversary. Representatives from the Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and the Wilderness50CO coalition presented 50th planning updates to start discussions on sharing resources, partners, and to support each others projects. Highlights of the newest confirmations for Colorado events are:

  • Exhibit at the Denver Library of the signing of the Wilderness Act with key, impressive artifacts
  • Two month virtual quilt exhibit, 'Go Wild!' hosted by the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum
  • Christian publishing house using the theme of wilderness for their 2014 Vacation Bible School online activity program

Wilderness Alliance Gathering and Workshop Program

Sessions 10:00 - 5:00

Chris Brown - Former Forest Service Director, Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers; whose deep experience helping organizations survive, revitalize, and thrive can benefit us all.

Surprise Guest! - Doug Scott is one of the leading historians of the wilderness movement, and one of the legendary supporters of wilderness. He is the author of Our Wilderness: America's Common Ground.

Colorado plans for the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act - Ralph Swain, Forest Service R2; Marcia deChadenedes, CO Bureau of Land Management: How you can help the celebration, How the celebration can build community support for you

Strengthen Your Group - Sessions on fundraising, recruitment, board development, stewardship tips, forming a new group, revitalizing — whatever you tell us you most need.

Build Alliances - With stewardship groups, agencies and across agencies, friends groups, wilderness advocates.