Get a Leave No Trace Travelling Trainer Team for Your 50th Event

Every year from January to Thanksgiving, three Leave No Trace travelling teams canvas the country providing awareness training about the importance of minimizing impacts when visiting the backcountry. LNT's philosophy and programs are integral to wilderness awareness messages, and those hosting community events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act should consider whether a visit from an LNT team will enhance a 50th event's agenda.

All requests for travelling teams are screened and approximately 300 events are selected. Requests for Awareness Workshops and Outreach Events are free. An Awareness Workshop is any formal Leave No Trace presentation that is one-day or less in length. Participants receive introductory training in the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace.

Outreach Events include talking with outdoor enthusiasts on trails or at popular trailheads and booths at trade shows, conference, festivals or other types of community events.

In addition to free educational trainings and presence at events, trainers also offer Leave No Trace Trainer courses. These two-day trainings in an outdoor setting are designed to help participants better understand and teach Leave No Trace skills and ethics. The cost per particpant for a Trainer Course facilitated by the Traveling Trainers is $85.

Complete the online form to submit an event request for a Leave No Trace travelling team to be present at your 50th anniversary event.