50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Magazine

Wilderness50 has commissioned established commemorative publishers, Faircount Media Group, to produce a substantive, high quality, eye-catching 50th anniversary commemorative publication for the anniversary. This magazine-style, photo-led publication will receive comprehensive national distribution including complimentary circulation at local and national events, agency offices and visitor centers, NGO offices, and to county commissioners, governors, and members of congress.

Next steps:

  1. Concept Development and Content Direction: Develop an outline for the editorial content based on the concept of the publication
  2. Design and Layout: Design the freshest and most appealing approach to the theme, to arrive at a format that captures the character, essence, and style of the 50th anniversary
  3. Photos and Illustrations: Mine archive materials, imagery, graphs, and charts etc. to accompany any article
  4. Proofing, Editing, and Approvals: Review the entire publications