National Park Service 50th Anniversary Wilderness Videos

Desert Sand: Death Valley
Edward Abbey's writing guides us from the desert metropolis to the desert wilderness.
Dinosaurs in the Desert: Petrified Forest Wilderness
Join student paleontologist, Adam Marsh, on a journey through time as he goes on an adventure to the long lost Late Triassic, exposing an invisible world of dinosaurs and other creatures hiding in the fossil record of what is now a desert landscape.
Escape Artist: Muddy Mountains Wilderness
Las Vegas artist, Crystal DiPietro, pulls off the ultimate heist as she escapes from the city and heads for Muddy Mountains Wilderness.
Family Time: Zion Wilderness
Join the Glidden family for a walk on the wild side and explore Zion's wilderness with five-year-old Lilly.
Mountain Memories: Spirit Mountain Wilderness
Spirit Mountain Wilderness is known as the spiritual birthplace of the Yuman Indians and is considered sacred ground by a number of Native American tribes, including the Mojave people. Explore the cultural secrets of this desert wilderness through the poetic storytelling of one Mojave elder.
North Cascades Wilderness: Experience the Awesome
North Cascades National Park, Ross Lake National Recreation Area, and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area make up the Stephen Mather Wilderness-over 634,614 acres of dramatic, rugged habitat for wildlife and a paradise for hikers, climbers, and mountaineers. Join Masyih Ford to experience the awesomeness of this amazing mountain wilderness.
Olympic Wilderness: If Wilderness Could Speak
Enjoy the symphony of nature in one of the most acoustically diverse wilderness areas of the country as we follow the wilderness cry from the alpine region of the Olympic Mountains down through the canopies of the old growth forests and temperate rainforest into the raging waters of the wilderness coast.
Run Free: Rocky Mountain Wilderness
Join adventure athlete Ian Adamson and ultra-marathon runner Kara Henry as they explore the high elevation wilderness of Rocky Mountain National Park.
Wilderness Calling: Point Reyes
Point Reyes National Seashore, located just an hour north of San Francisco, includes over 26,000 acres of wilderness.
Wilderness Hike: Death Valley
Follow a group of students from UC Merced on their first hike into the Wilderness of Death Valley National Park.
Wilderness Light: Death Valley
Follow the course of light in Death Valley.
Wilderness Motion: Point Reyes
See the natural rhythms of Point Reyes National Seashore's Phillip Burton Wilderness.
Wilderness Song: Shenandoah
Professional songwriters Pops Walker and Kipyn Martin discover music in the natural sounds and landscapes of the Shenandoah Wilderness. Experience the lyricism of nature through the eyes and ears of these two musicians as they compose original works directly inspired by this untouched wild land.
Wilderness Stewardship: Shenandoah
Join a group of student volunteers from the University of Virginia as they help clear trail in the Shenandoah Wilderness through traditional non-mechanized practices.
Wilderness Visions: Point Reyes
Join local photographers Kathleen Goodwin and Richard Blair on Kehoe beach in the Phillip Burton Wilderness. Point Reyes National Seashore includes 80 miles of coastline, most of which is designated wilderness.