National Wilderness Conference Keynote Speaker: Sally Jewell, U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary

Sally Jewell is a British-born American businesswoman and the 51st United States Secretary of the Interior. The former president and CEO of REI, a Seattle-based retailer of outdoor gear, she studied as an engineer, and previously worked in the oil and banking industries. Jewell worked for Mobil Oil Company on oil fields in Oklahoma from 1978 through 1981, when she joined Rainier Bank. She worked in banking for twenty years, staying with Security Pacific, which acquired Rainier Bank, until 1992, and working for WestOne Bank from 1992 through 1995, and for Washington Mutual from 1995 through 2000. In 1996, she joined the board of REI and in 2000 was named chief operating officer. In 2005, she succeeded Dennis Madsen as chief executive officer (CEO). Jewell has sat on the boards of Premera, the National Parks Conservation Association, and the University of Washington Board of Regents. She helped found the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. Community service has been very important to her for decades. Whether board work or volunteer work, she has demonstrated that you learn to lead through influence and not through power. In 2009, Jewell received the National Audubon Society's Rachel Carson Award for her leadership in and dedication to conservation. The Rachel Carson Award honors visionary women whose expertise and dedication advance conservation locally and nationally. As America's 51st Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Sally Jewell knows the territory she oversees -- the great outdoors. An avid skier, kayaker and hiker, Jewell stands out as the only Cabinet agency head to have climbed Mount Rainier seven times and to have recently scaled Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica.